Western Australia is located in the west of Australia. It occupies the entire western third of Australia. It has the Indian Ocean on the north and west, and the Great Australian bight and the Indian Ocean to the south. The soil is very infirtile,and this dry state is 4 fifths desert. Its deserts are the great sandy desert, the little sandy desert, and the Gibson desert.The state has about 2.4 million people. It is the 2nd largest Iron ore producer in the world. Website: http://www.southaustralia.com/


Western Australia was first visited by European explorer 

Dirk Hartog. The British established a camp at present day Perth. Western Australia was self governing in 1890, and Federated with the other colonies in 1901.

The Fremantle Prison 


The Fremantle Prison, located in Fremantle, is the only world heritage site in WA. It used to be a maximum security prison, and could hold 800 prisoners. Some notable  prisoners are Berndon Abbot, Moondyne Joe and Bon Scott. The prison was opened in 1855 and was closed on the 8th of November 1991.

 Website:  http://www.fremantleprison.com.au/


Perth Mint

 The Perth Mint is located in Perth. It is one of the main mints in Australia. The mint was founded in 1896 and was used by miners to make gold into coins. The mint has made the largest gold coin in the world. They today make Australian precious metal coins, such as quality Australian Nugget gold coins, Australian Platinum Koala coins and Australian Silver Kookaburra coins. (In order from left to right)

Website: www.perthmint.com.au

The Wave Rock

The Wave Rock is a natural rock formation shaped like a tall breaking wave. The rock is located 3 km E of Hyden. The "wave", which is made of granite is about 14 m high and around 110 m long. The rock attracts more than 140,000 tourists each year.


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