South Australia is located in the southern central part of Australia. Its population is just over 1.6 million people, 8% of Australia's population. Its main city is Adeliade, with other cities being Victor Harbour and Mount Gabier.


The Murray River

Australia's longest river, the Murray, is 2375 km long. It is home to Animals which only live there, such as the Murray cod, the platypus and the Murray river crayfish. The Murray has locks built in it for irrigation purposes.


Whale Watching 

Whale Watching is a popular thing to do in South Australia. Whales which are commonly seen are blue whales, humpback whales and right whales. Whale Watching is usually conducted in medium sized boats but is sometimes done by helicopter. Boats must keep 300 m away from the whales. Whale watching season is in the late attumn to early spring.



 South Australia is home 20 stadiums, of which the main ones are AAMI Stadium, home to the AFL clubs the Adelaide crows and port Adelaide, and Adelaide Oval, home of the south Australian redbacks. 

AAMI Stadium:

Adelaide Oval:


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