Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was established in 1901 as the site for Australia's Capital, Canberra. ACT is the smallest self governing part of Australia, at only 2,358 km2. It's population is 373,100. ACT is a very well educated territory, with 4.5% of the population having a postgraduate degree, compared to 1.8% of the rest of Australia. ACT became self-governing in 1988. ACT is the site of Parliament house, the legislative assembly and the senate.


 Questacon, located on the shore of Lake Burly Griffin in Canberra, is a gift Japan gave to Australia in 1998. Questacon is the national science and Technology Center. Questacon features more than 200 interactive exhibits about science and technology. Questacon features many floors and has 3 theaters. Questacon charges admission to it's exhibits. The names of the floors are: Deep Oceans, Mathamazing, Excite@Q, Q Lab, H2O-Soak up the science, Awesome Earth, Mini Q, Wonderwork.

 Parliament House


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